We provide gold star security you can count on.

We provide gold star security
you can count on.

Find out more to about our commitment to product quality and safety.

Quality Assurance
Our equipment is always in control.

Our equipment is
always in control.

Find out why Omega is the only name to know in the leisure industry.

Leisure Industry
Let customers shop online with confidence.

Let customers
shop with confidence.

Our total solutions allow retailers to relax and customers to shop happy.

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Peace of mind twwenty four seven

Peace of mind
twenty four seven.

Make sure your property and people feel well protected.

Commercial Security

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"Omega demonstrate a level of genuine commitment to good business which develops trust and as a result builds confidence and growth and is therefore amongst a small number of exemplary organisationsthat genuinely deserve accreditation at a higher level."
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Investors in People

Contracting NSI companies

Directors explain why over 1800 NSI approved companies deliver highest standards in security and fire safety.

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We've been providing specialist security solutions since 1989

At Omega Security Systems we design, install and maintain all your commercial security requirements, including door entry systems, wireless CCTV, access management and security camera systems.

We tailor your specific needs, from a specific camera system to a total solution involving; access control, barriers, cameras, gates, intercoms and monitoring.

We have a country wide network of specialist designers, engineers and your dedicated project manager to keep our customers in the picture every step of the way.

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