6. Occupancy Analytics & Control

Gain insight, inform your decisions and manage efficiency.
Control Occupancy, Inform Members

At a basic level, Occupancy Analytics & Control, (OA+C), is a system that counts people in and out of a controlled entrance to provide a real-time, accurate occupancy levels.

The system seamlessly interfaces to existing or new access control systems and all types of entrance barriers - turnstiles, speed lanes, portals etc. 

Members are counted both in and out of the facility by monitoring of their passage through the entrance barriers. A maximum occupancy level can be easily set to prevent further access when that maximum is reached. This not only provides valuable management information but also assists with regulatory compliance; FEEP, for instance. Depending on customer preference, staff can be included or excluded from the occupancy count.

Public display monitor(s) can be conveniently located at entrances or, for instance, remote reception areas. This provides clear real-time occupancy levels to your members in percentage or number of persons. Content of these displays can be bespoke to each customer including branding and they can be used for advertising purposes too.

The OA+C controller incorporates a secure web server which can provide simple integration with your own website to inform your members of the current occupancy level from any PC or mobile device enabling them to time their visit by preference. Enhancing the customer experience assists with gaining and retaining members.

Monitor Occupancy, Analyse Efficiency 

Control, monitoring and configuration of the OA+C system is also web server based and is accessed via a dedicated password protected dashboard. This means that you and your authorised staff can access the dashboard from any browser on your network, no additional hardware or software required, and from any mobile device with remote access permission. You can access contextual information on all your facilities from anywhere.

The dashboard provides real-time, historical and predictive data in a series of clear graphs and datasets empowering you and your staff to gain insight, inform your decisions and manage efficiency - why have more or less staff on site than is required? Even out your occupancy levels by marketing for attendance during specific periods allowing efficient staff planning and management.


· Compliance with fire emergency evacuation plan (FEEP) etc.

· Utilise existing access control and entrance barriers

· Standard browser interface

· Greater control over facilities

· Remote monitoring and management

· Accurate Management Information


· Enhance the customer experience

· Real-time data delivered at the moment of need

· Optimise your operations

· Manage staff efficiently

· Target marketing strategies effectively

· Turn data into value


For more information on OA+C System, visit: www.omegaanalyticsystems.co.uk/projects/oac

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