Guide, inform, interact.

Access Guidance Display is a system designed to enhance the experience of customers, members, guests, visitors and staff, on their journey within and during the use of your facilities.

The system includes Interactive Information Terminals that provide superior clarity of usability, feedback and information display.

Each screen displayed can be bespoke to the customer and can include both visual and text interactive elements, branding and promotional collateral. The units can be programmed with various bespoke functions which can also trigger outputs to interface with other systems. The range consists of three models which are complimentary and compatible with each other and the central management system.


With its five inch LCD screen, the AGD interfaces to access control systems in order to provide users with clear instructions and status information when attempting to access through secure doors or barriers.

Emergency conditions, such as fire alarm activation, can be clearly displayed to enhance safety. In addition, the status of override devices, including  breakglass units, can be displayed to indicate to staff that the door/barrier is insecure


AGD Unlock has all the functionality of AGD but includes a stunning seven-inch screen. Functionality is further enhanced by the inclusion of a touchscreen keypad for PIN entry. This can be connected to an access control system or used stand-alone, for example, as a staff override facility. An optional touchscreen Assistance Call function is available which can interface to intercom systems, pager systems etc.


AGD Plus is taking the concept of AGD to another level. This includes a beautifully clear ten-inch touchscreen, with all the features of AGD Unlock, but adds enhanced processing capability, network connectivity and interfaces. A range of sensors can be connected to give precise display of environmental conditions within an area; temperature, humidity, luminosity etc.

An enhancement to any single or multi-use facility, AGD Plus integrates to management platforms and databases to contextually display real-time activity and class information. This includes, room information, ongoing and upcoming activity details such as name, description, start & end times and spaces available/booked. Information can be shown as text only or in graphical (calendar) views.

Single and multi-site solutions are catered for including flexible centralised management and administration via customer network. The system is web server based and is accessed via a dedicated password protected dashboard. This means that you, and your authorised staff, can access the dashboard from any browser on your network with no additional hardware or software (or continual upgrades) required. Sites or regions can be configured individually; display a promotional offer in one region and advance warning of a site closure for maintenance in another, for instance.

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