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Alice Buckle

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November 3, 2017

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route into work & why?
I chose the apprenticeship route into work because I thought it’s a good way to gain experience in a job role rather than just learning in college and having no site experience in work situations. Also it’s a great way to get to know the industry and gain knowledge of the job role working with experienced engineers and work my way up within a company.
How are you finding your experience at Omega so far- Are things how you expected them & what bits are you enjoying? 
I’m finding my experience at Omega really good and interesting, as I am doing different things every day and learning different aspects of jobs, with the engineers showing and explaining key points of the task. I am enjoying visiting different areas of the country working away, going to different sites and learning new things within the role daily. Everyone at Omega has been very helpful so far, showing me how Omega operates as a company and making me feel welcome. even though I’ve been here a short while, I feel I have picked up a lot of things since I’ve been here and I am looking forward to learning and enjoying my apprenticeship here at Omega Security Systems.
Is there anything which has been different to what you were expecting?
The one thing I would say that has been different to what I was expecting is the distance in travel and variety of jobs the engineers are asked to do, as it changes everyday in what task/location you may be given.
Do you have any tips for people looking at doing an apprenticeship and what advice would you give them?
One tip I would give for people looking at doing an apprenticeship is to look at future career aspects in the job role and what career options it may give and making sure you have an interest in the company is all about. A big reason for wanting to work for Omega was having a qualification in security and then going on to installing security systems at different sites. This would mean that I would pick up good experience, skills and knowledge by learning first hand from experienced engineers who have chosen the same career path as me. 
Our apprentice engineer Jack working on a kiosk
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