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Alice Buckle

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November 28, 2017

What course are you currently studying, or have you recently finished, & where?
I have recently finished studying my MA in Arts management and Heritage Studies at the University of Leeds. My BA was in Classical Civilisation, also at Leeds Uni. So I’m from a very arts & historical background. 
How are you finding your time at Omega?
I’m definitely enjoying my time at Omega. I’ve been given quite a broad range of tasks/ projects to do from writing case studies on the recent work done by Omega Security and Omega Analytic using Indesign; social media; updating the website and using mail chimp. It’s also really nice to work for a company that are so friendly and easy to get along with. I don’t want to leave!
What are your current roles within the company?
My role is marketing and business development intern. But as I said before, it involves quite a broad range of things, from social media to writing formal documents such as case studies and accreditation documents. 
How do you think your current placement will help develop your professional skills for the future? 
Because I’m not from a marketing background and did not have any experience in business development or marketing it’s been really useful to get these skills under my belt as museums and heritage sites are looking for employees with this type of experience. But I’ve also found that I do enjoy marketing and I would be happy working in a similar role within a marketing department in the future. 
Tell us why you picked an internship/work placement?
Firstly, as I say, it was to gain really useful and important skills in marketing and business for my future career path. Secondly, it was to find out whether I actually enjoyed marketing or not! This is why a 12 week internship appealed to me rather that going straight into full time work in a marketing role. Thankfully I’ve found that I do because it’s so diverse it keeps me engaged and there’s also scope for creativity which is important to me!

Update 07.02.18: We are pleased to announce that Aíslinn has accepted a year long contract in her marketing and business development role.

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